Are you looking for a place where you can happily get lost in nature and history? Then welcome to Dalyan. Geographically located at the intersection of the Southern Aegean and Western Mediterranean regions of Turkey, Dalyan was established on the shore of the main canal connecting the Köyceğiz Lake and the Mediterranean. Does Dalyan's beauties end with counting? Be sure that you will fall under the spell of this small town covered with bougainvillea and smelling lemons and oranges. One of the elements that makes Dalyan so special is that it is a natural wonder decorated with lagoon, dalyan lake systems and reeds.

Our beautiful Dalyan has one of the rare beaches in the world. Iztuzu Beach; It is a virgin beach that combines salt water and fresh water. Another factor that makes this beach rare is the breeding area of ​​Caretta Carettas, which is under protection by UNESCO. Wanted to feel the history? Then you should definitely go to the theater of the ancient city of Kaounas and go up to the top step and watch the sunrise and sunset from here. I'm sure Dalyan will fascinate you again. I cannot help but mention the visual feast of the Lycian Rock Cemetery, which is different day and night. The rock tombs in 3 different places at the top of the canal in Dalyan provide evidence of what could have been done in ancient times. In the tea gardens opposite, you can watch this view and drink a coffee of tiredness.

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